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A self learning behavioral cleaner

One of the most common anti-spam techniques is seeding a honeypot used to collect spam, called spamtraps. Spamtraps are usually e-mail addresses that are dedicated to lure spam. The more traps you hit, the lower your reputation. If your reputation gets low enough, your emails stop getting through at all.

How does our clean list service work? Lead Surgeon allows you to upload and validate email lists quickly and easily. All you have to do is to upload an email list or use the API. Lead Surgeon utilizes a proprietary cleaning process which includes historical data, DNS & MX Validation, Domain Health Check, Syntactic Validation, de-duplication, and much more to make sure your emails are avoiding any spamtrap.

Start mailing with one click

Once your list is clean, just click on the upload button and it’s ready for sending.
Go to Autopilot and you should see your CLEAN leads waiting for you in the name you choose.

Download your leads

In case that you need the data on your device, just click on the download button and you should get the whole data zipped

Automatic segmentation of your lists

No need to move leads from a list to list. Dr. Mailer automatically keeps track of your viewers and clickers and segment your lists respectively.

When you create a new campaign you can decide to send only to those responsive leads, for example, so it will help you warmup your tunnel.


SAAS for Affiliate management

Save up to 90% of your precious work time by engaging with only relevant partners. Engaging with partners that are relevant to your business will enable you to dedicate more attention for each new partner.

  • Find affiliates, media buying websites, dropshippers and retailers.
  • Advanced tool for networks/ marketplaces: Automatic Recommendation System.
  • No need to memorize all products or offers, Findaff will do automatic matching for you.
  • Amazon associates: if you are looking for Amazon associates, save your Amazon advertising budget and engage with Amazon associates that are relevant to your products.
  • Personalized custom search: if you are looking for specific B2B customers/ partners, Findaff will find them for you.

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